There are a number of advantages to having a hand-built wheel.


A number of attributes such as even spoke tension, sufficient spoke tension, spoke stress relieved are built into the wheels by the wheel builder, something that only the human touch can do.

Wheel Tension Balancing is done by achieving a consistent overall wheel tension by analysing the spoke tension on a graph created by Spoke n’ Chain Worx. Balancing the relative tension produces a better-quality wheel, which is useful in diagnosing potential rim and wheel damage.

You will find that a hand-built wheel will stay true for longer.

Another advantage that hand-built wheels have over factory wheels is that when something goes wrong it can be easily fixed. If you were to damage a rim, for instance, a new similar rim can be easily sourced and at roughly the original cost. When a rim comes to the end of its life you can source a new rim and spokes and rebuild the wheel. Your wheel will be as good as new!

Also, the combination of hub and rim that you want may not be available off the shelf and therefore you can have the exact wheel that you want and in the colours that you want as well.

Part of the wheel building process is determining the correct spoke length, which is a service that we provide as part of the wheel build.



With organisations subscribing to Cycle to Work Schemes, with green initiatives being offered to companies to assist with reducing the carbon footprint, Spoke n’ Chain Worx work with local companies who believe in assisting staff who are commuting to work by bicycle.

We will set up our mobile workshop at your workplace offering services to employees as arranged prior to the day. We have found that the Basic Service, which includes a bike wash, has proved to be the most popular offering on Dr Bike days. We are flexible to adapt an offering according to your requirements.

There are a number of options that we can suggest for the day:
1. The organisation pays Spoke n‘ Chain
    Worx a rate for the time agreed and
    pre-agreed parts used.

2. The organisation pays Spoke n‘ Chain
    Worx a rate for the time agreed and
    the employee pays for the parts
    replaced on their bicycle.

3. The organisation offers a discounted
    rate to their employee on a service
    agreed, with the discount being paid
    to Spoke n’ Chain Worx by the
    organisation. The employee pays the
    discounted rate plus parts.

4. The organisation can arrange a day
    and promote Spoke n’ Chain Worx in
    the organisation and the employee
    benefits from the convenience of
    having Spoke n‘ Chain Worx come to
    them at work and service on pre-
    arranged bikes or when it is
    convenient for them. The employee
    pays the full cost of the service and

We are flexible and will work with your organisation to establish the best approach. If you would like to discuss the opportunity for Spoke ‘n’ Chain Worx to set up a Dr Bike day at your organisation, please call us on 07488332772 or email on info@spokenchainworx.co.uk





If your company has a fleet of bicycles that need to be maintained Spoke n’ Chain Worx can ensure that all your bicycles are maintained and kept in good running order with regular service intervals as well as providing breakdown support if required. Please contact us an discuss your requirements.


Spoke ‘n Chain Worx can provide support for events like Sportives, Cycle Races, Triathlons and Charity Rides.

At Sportives, Cycle Races and Triathlons we set up our mobile workshop before the event to take care of any last-minute adjustments, or punctures. We can also go out on the course during the event and assist with repairs needed by competitors during the event.

If you are planning a charity ride in the area, we can provide mechanical and vehicle support from the start to the end of the ride.



We are able to service "specialised" equipment ( e.g. bikes and running wheelchairs) as shown here. With 10 years of experience building custom equipment, we are available to support you with your specialised equipment. For insight into this, please visit our website: www.teamgarwood.com


We are also approved Hase bike service technicians.