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Mechanical Brakes service – Clean, inspect and adjust – plus parts £18.00
Hydraulic brake Service – remove pads, clean, inspect, replace fluid and bleed – Plus parts and fluids £36.00
Disc Brake Rotor fitting £18.00 each


Gear Service – Clean, adjust, index and Lubricate £24.00
Front Derailleur replace £15.00
Rear Derailleur replace £15.00
Derailleur hanger replace/align £15.00

Drive Train

Chain and cassette/freewheel replacement £30.00
Bottom Bracket Replacement £25.00
Crank / Chainring replacement £25.00
Outer Chainring replacement –
if not needing to remove crank
Pedal Thread Tapping £12.00


Tyre and/or tube replacement(single/both) £10.00/£15.00
Tyre and/or tube replacement electric bike (single/both)- Bikes with additional work required to remove wheels P.O.A


Wheel Build (per wheel) £40.00
Wheel true £15.00-£20.00
Spoke replacement P.O.A
Front Hub Service £20.00
Rear Hub Service £25.00

Headset & Bars

Headset Service / Replacement £20.00
Handlebar Fit / Replacement £20.00
Stem Fit / Replacement £10.00
Grip Tape Replacement £15.00

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